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Your personal data

1 – Preamble

In order to effectively operate and maintain the Learning Center, HEC Paris, whose registered office is located at 8 Avenue de la Porte de Champerret, 75017 Paris, collects and processes personal information from its registered students, employees, and external users.

2 –Collection of personal data

The information pertaining to you is primarily obtained through various means such as online forms, questionnaires or paper forms, and synchronization between the library management system and the establishment directory. Data that is mandatory to provide will be marked by an asterisk on the forms or questionnaires, failure to provide such information may impede the provision of certain services.

3 – Type of data collected

We gather various types of data, including but not limited to:

  • Personal identification data (such as name, and student or employee number)
  • Contact details (such as postal address, phone number, and email address)
  • Educational or professional background
  • Information related to document loans or consultations
  • Data associated with accessing our catalog or online services

4 – Purposes

HEC Paris collects this information for the following purposes:

  • To manage and track document loans and interlibrary loans.
  • To create depersonalized statistical reports for management and service improvement.
  • To allow users to view their current and previous loan history.
  • To gather purchase suggestions to improve our loan offerings.
  • To facilitate the booking and occupancy of rooms in HEC Paris premises.

HEC Paris adheres to the occupancy calculation system proposed by Affluence, which acts as a data processor for booking at the Learning Center. These data can be used to produce attendance statistics for the Learning Center.

If necessary, and with your consent, your name, first name and email address can be shared with third-party providers to provide access to external online services as per contracts between HEC Paris and these service providers.

5 – Data conversation

The collected data is retained for the duration of your training, as well as an additional year after completion, or, in the case of employment, for the entire duration of your employment. Following this period, the information will either be deleted or anonymized.

Data collected for interlibrary loans may be shared with partner libraries and temporarily stored on the Microsoft Forms application, it will be deleted from the application once the loan request is processed and stored locally at HEC Paris for a maximum period of one year from the date of the loan.

Data that is transferred to external platform providers will be retained by them in compliance with their legal obligations. Users who have created an account on these external platforms are advised to contact the provider to have their account removed once their studies or employment with HEC Paris is finished.

6 – Data transfer

HEC Paris limits access to your personal information to only the relevant internal departments, within the confines of their respective responsibilities.

Additional services may be provided through the use of third-party products, HEC Paris ensures that these third-parties act in accordance with our instruction and only use the information within the scope of their contract with us, unless explicit consent is given for other usage.

Database providers are primarily responsible for any processing of the data, determining the objectives and methods. By creating an account on their platform, you are informed and consent to have your data transferred to countries outside of European Union. Information about data protection policies can be found through their services, and requests for the management of your rights should be directed to them directly.

7 – Right of access

You have the right to request access to, make changes to, or delete your personal data at any time by contacting donnees-personnelles@hec.fr via email or by mailing HEC Paris' Data Protection Officer at 1 rue de la Libération, 78350 Jouy-en-Josas, indicating in the subject line "Rights of individuals- data management" and providing a copy of your identification document. Moreover, you have the right to file a complaint with the National Commission on Informatics and Liberties (CNIL) by visiting their website, www.cnil.fr