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Work spaces and work environments 


Several spaces dedicated to group works

Big capacity:

  • The "Lab" : a large space dedicated to creativity and co-creation. Equipped with 4 projection screens, writable walls, and an interactive whiteboard.

  • The "Entrepreneurship & Career" room : Fitted for up to 25 persons. Equipped with a video projector.

  • The "Creative Workshops" room :  Fiited for up to 25 persons, it is equipped with an interactive whiteboard, a visio conferencing system and a SmartKapp whiteboard.

Small and medium capacity:

  • Co-working room #1 : Fitted for up to 10-12 persons, it is equipped with a SmartKapp whiteboard, a projection screen and a camera.

  • Co-working room #2 and #3 : Fitted for up to 6 persons, they are equipped with a projection screen and writable walls. Cameras are at your disposal at the welcome desk.

  • The "visio-conferencing" room : Allows a student to have a job interview. Equipped with a high quality visio conferencing system.