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Murder Party at the library


HEC Paris Library, around 8:00 pm

 An ear-splitting scream rang out from the Literature hall.

« Call the police ! She’s been killed !»

Sylvie, a librarian, followed by a student, hurried in panic to inform her colleagues of the terrible tragedy that had just happened.

« Miss Palmer has been murdered ! »

Everyone rushed to the crime scene to discover the body of Miss Palmer, lying next to a bloody bookend.

A forensic was quickly sent on site and pointed out the following :

-      The victim had a large wound on the left side of the skull.

-      Her face had many scratch marks, indicating that the victim struggled before she was killed.

-      According to the corpse’s temperature, the murder took place between 7:40 pm and 7:55 pm.

 Miss Palmer was probably tidying books when her attacker approached her from behind. She must have turned around and fought before being hit on the head with the bookend.

All exits were immediately sealed so that no one could enter or leave the library.

The murderer is still among us, it’s for you to unmask him or her !

Game rules

  1. Examine the crime scene
  2. Interrogate each witness in the order listed to find the murderer.
  3. It’s your job to ask the right questions, to pay attention to all the details and not trust anyone…
  4. You can play alone or in a team, but there must be one participation ticket per person.
  5. Once the investigation is over, write down the name of the murderer together with your surname, name, HEC e-mail address and mobile number.
  6. At 21h45 the winners of the 3 main prizes will be randomly drawn from all the correct answers. All other participants who have given the correct answer will get a consolation prize.

The witnesses

1. Sylvie Marion, in the elaxing space of the Litterature hall

2. Amaury Bouvet, in the Career space

3. Sandra Dupouy, at the Reference desk

4. Christine Collongues, in the Periodicals room

5. Sophie Forcadell, in her office

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