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  • Advances in...

    - Emerald

    Series of digital books consisting of academic articles.

    ContentsCollection of digital books entitled Advances in ... and consist of academic articles. 

    AreasAccounting, management, economics, econometrics, finance. 

    AccessLocally and remotely

    User Guide

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  • C
  • Catalogue

    - HEC Paris Library

    All references to documents collected and purchased by the HEC Paris library 

    Contents - References for 40,000 books (management science and novels / BD / Culture) - Links to 10,000 digital books - References for 65 000 items - References for 5500 documents of students' work - placement reports, professional theses, research papers (full text access for HEC Paris account holders) - References for study areas of HEC Paris professors- References for 350 DVDs available for loan 
    Technical Info To extend your loan, click on "Personal Account" then "Location". Or call 01 39 67 73 47, or send an email to 
    Access On-site and remote

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  • D
  • Dawsonera

    - Dawson

    Collection of 4,000 digital books in management sciences and social sciences

    4,000 digital books selected by the Library of HEC Paris. 

    Management sciences, social sciences, management 

    On-site and remote&amp

    Technical Info 
    To read the book you have 2 options: 

    1. Click on 'Read Online' or' Download eBook' and get immediate access to the entire book. 
    2.  Click '5 Minute Preview,' and decide after that time whether to continue reading or not. During the 5 minutes, you can only access the first 50 pages of the document.

    All the ebooks (PDF and Epubs) are in ACSM format, readeable with Adobe Digital Editions, Bluefire or Kortext, you have to install one of this program before downloading an ebook.

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  • Dawsonera – Paris-Saclay Collection

    - Dawson

    Collection of 4 000 digital books selcted by The COMUE of Paris-Saclay in computer science, philosophy, social sciences, language, science, technology and arts


    Computer science, philosophy, social sciences, language, science, technology and arts


    On site and remote (via Shibboleth)

    Remote access

    •  Click on Connexion
    •  Click on « Se connecter par Shibboleth »
    •  Select HEC Paris
    •  Log in
    •  Select « Les ebooks de votre catalogue »
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  • E
  • eBook Collection

    - Ebsco

    Selection of digital books in Management Science

    Contents 131 e-books selected by HEC Paris Library
    Areas Management science, economics

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  • Elsevier e-books and Handbook of... collection

    - Elsevier

    Series of 180 digital books from Elsevier about:

    • Business, Management and Accounting
    • Decision Sciences
    • Economics, Econometrics and Finance
    • Law

    Contents Collection of digital books and documents titled Handbook of ... which consist of academic articles. 
    Areas Social sciences, health, physical sciences & engineering, life sciences. 
    Access Locally and remotely.

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  • Encyclopédie Universalis

    - Universalis Encyclopaedia

    Encyclopedia on CD-Rom


    • 35,000 encyclopedic articles written by 7,500 specialists 
    • 10,000 photographs, 
    • 11,000 drawings, charts, diagrams and animations, 
    • 400 country maps of the World, 
    • dictionary definitions of over 120,000 words in the French language. 

    Access On-site only: CD-ROM installed on the first computer in the library.

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  • O
  • OAPEN - Open Access Publishing in European Network

    - OAPEN Foundation

    Digital Books

    Contents 2490 eBooks from France, Germany, UK, Italy, Denmark and the Netherlands 
    Subject Areas Social Sciences, Economics, Finance, Art, Law, Literature, Mathematics, History / Geography 
    Access Free access

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  • OECD iLibrary

    - OECD

    Studies, journals and statistics from OECD 

    Contents OECD publications: books, journals, statistics and analysis for all OECD countries. 
    Subject areas Agriculture, Development, Commerce, Economics, Education, Employment, Energy, Environment, Finance, Taxation, Governance Industry & Services, Social Issues, Science & Technology, Transportation 
    Coverage since 1999 
    Online Help 
    Access On-site and remote

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  • R
  • Research in...

    - Emerald

    Series of digital books containing academic articles.


    A collection of digital books entitled Research in...  containing academic articles. 
    Subject areas Accounting, management, economics, econometrics, finance. 
    Access Locally and remotely.

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