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Databases (Market Studies / Country Studies)

  • Business Source Complete

    - EBSCO

    Academic articles in Management Science

    - Articles from 3800 academic journals in full text, including 100 French journals (based on "Sales and Management").
    - 1400 Country Studies : Direct access
    - 5000 Studies of industries: Direct access
    - 18,000 company profiles : Direct access
    - 2500 SWOT analysis of companies : Direct access

    Subject areas;
    Management, marketing, economics, finance, accounting, international business.

    Technical Info
    Access to mobile site
    Tutorials and video support

    On-site and remote

    Other Information
    Access all of the EBSCO databases subscribed to by the HEC Paris Library

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  • F
  • Fitch Connect (ex-BMI Research)

    - Fitch Group

    Market studies


    • market research reports on 24 industries and 200 developed and emerging global markets.
    • in-depth global insight on country risk, financial markets, operational risk and commodities
    • data tool that allows you access historical macroeconomic data and forecasts

    Technical infos

    • On the log in page, click sur "Single Sign-On"
    • Use this organization id: HECP


    On-site and remote

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  • Forrester

    - Forrester Research

    Studies on new technologies

    - 4000 Studies: strategy and marketing of new technologies and e-commerce.

    The Forecasts are not included in our subscription.

    Technical Info
    You must create your own personal account to access these studies:
    - Click on Register 
    - Fill the form with an HEC Paris email address (,, 
    - Enter the registration ID (ask for it from the library / 01 39 67 94 78) 
    - Choose a password 
    - Choose a role 

    To access the studies once your account is created: 
    - Click on Log In 
    - Enter your email address and password 

    On-site and remote

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  • Frost & Sullivan

    - Frost & Sullivan

    Market Studies

    Market research on these several sectors :
    - health
    - aerospace and defence
    - automotive transportation
    - business and financial services
    - career research
    - chemicals, materials, foods
    - consumer products
    - education
    - electronics and security
    - energy and power systems
    - environment and building technologies
    - industrial automation
    - information and communication technologies
    - measurement and instrumentation
    - metals and minerals

    Please note : "TechVision" reports are not included in our subscription

    From 2011

    On-site and remote

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  • G
  • Gartner

    - Gartner Research

    Research reports on information technologies

    By accessing this website you agree that your lastname, firstname and email address will be used, stored and transferred by Gartner to their U.S.-based servers, for the sole purpose of administering your services ( You can choose to modify or remove your personnal data by contacting

    Research reports on information technologies (IT, e-commerce, new technologies...).
    Does not include "market analysis".

    Technical info
    Click on the link and log in with your HEC credentials.
    If you are already logged in on HEC portal (, you will be automatically redirected to Gartner's website.
    Log out of HEC portal to close your session on Gartner.

    On-site and remote

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  • I

    - Official statistics portal

    Data from French public bodies and sector studies

    - All statistical information produced by public statistics
    - Portal powered by official statistics websites (INSEE, ministerial statistical services and contracted public organisations and agencies)

    Free, open access site

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  • M
  • Marketline

    - Marketline

    Market research, company profiles, country studies and financial transactions

    - 6702 Market Studies
    - 103,395 company profiles and SWOT analysis
    - 110 country profiles
    - 72 city profiles
    - 465 case studies
    - 411,306 financial transactions

    On-site and remote

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  • O
  • OECD iLibrary

    - OECD

    Studies, journals and statistics from OECD 

    Contents OECD publications: books, journals, statistics and analysis for all OECD countries. 
    Subject areas Agriculture, Development, Commerce, Economics, Education, Employment, Energy, Environment, Finance, Taxation, Governance Industry & Services, Social Issues, Science & Technology, Transportation 
    Coverage since 1999 
    Online Help 
    Access On-site and remote

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  • P
  • Passport Euromonitor

    - Euromonitor International

    On-site access only

    Market research on consumer goods in the world


    - Qualitative Data and statistics for 27 industries

    - focussing on consumer goods in rapid growth
     - covering 80 countries ("Industries" tab)
    - Country information and consumer trends for 210 countries ("countries and Consumers" tab)
    - Company profiles, SWOT analysis, brand strategy, prospects and market shares. The tool "Competitors Analysis" help you find the firm's competitors.
     - Ability to create alerts on a sector by creating an account
    - Dashboard: displays the data on a world map
    - The data is produced by the publisher, from official statistical sources cited 

    On-site only

    Guide de recherche passport.pdf
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  • S
  • Statista

    - Statista Inc.

    Market data and international statistics

    - More than 1,000,000 statistics focusing on industries, markets, consumers, trends and insights downloadable in all popular formats, including PowerPoint, Excel, PDF and PNG.
    - Over 18,000 reliable public and scientific sources.
    - Data on 80,000 topics covering Europe - with a focus on the United Kingdom - the United States and China.
    - More than 20,000 Studies, over 3,000 Dossiers and all major Industry Reports.
    - Detailed forecasts on companies or for more than 450 different industries or for 40 advanced economies and developing countries;

    On-site and remote

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  • W
  • World Bank

    - World Bank Group

    Indicators and economic data on a global scale

    Contents Several platforms including: 

    • World Development Indicators (WDI): A set of development indicators from officially recognized international sources. Provides the most current and reliable data on development and includes national, regional and global estimates. 
    • International Debt Statistics: financial flows, external debt trends and other major financial indicators for developing countries. Includes more than 200 indicators between 1970 and 2008 for most countries 
    • Global Economic Monitor: economic trend indicators , financial data and growth forecasts for goods. 

    Description of all platforms 
    Access Open site access

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  • X
  • Xerfi Knowledge

    - Xerfi group

    Market Studies from France and the rest of the world

    400 studies on business sectors in France
    - 50 studies of listed companies
    - 100 sectoral studies at the international level

    Technical Info
    Studies can not be printed

    Miscellaneous Info
    Xerfi video channel : Xerfi Canal

    On-site and remote

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