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Databases (Businesses: news, reports and profiles)

  • Thomson Eikon

    - Thomson Reuters

    On-site access only

    Financial information in real time on financial markets around the world

    Real time financial information on worldwide financial markets.
    Business data ( Worldscope )

    • Covers more than 75,000 listed companies, active and inactive , in 119 countries . Information available from 1980.

    Market data

    • Stocks, bonds , derivatives, commodities, currencies .
    • Securities transactions

    Country reports , country indicators , ratings and news
    Equity indices , bond indices and index composition

    • 280000 Indexes
    • Global indices of MSCI, FTSE , S & P , DOW JONES STOXX and HSBC

    Forecasts (I/B/E/S)

    • 22,000 companies in 80 countries

    Investment funds ( Lipper )

    • Includes mutual funds , closed-end funds, ETFs, hedge funds , pension funds

    Islamic Finance
    Some data are available from 1980.

    Tutorials available on this plateform.

    Access :

    • Access to this database is on the computers in the StockMarkets space of the library
    • from the Trading Floor (Room T306)
    • from the Room S113 (S Building)
    • Launch Thomson Eikon on the desktop using the corresponding icon
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  • Thomson One – Corporate Insight (use Internet Explorer)

    - Thomson Reuters

    On-site access only

    Brokers reports

    - 19 million documents, 60,000 companies ( financial reports, prospectuses etc.).
    - Reports from brokers, financial institutions and professional associations
    - Several hundreds of industries around the world are analyzed.

    - Financial reports and other documents from business: 10 years
    - Extel cards: 15 years

    Thomson Reuters Technical Support
    - Contact Form - 01 53 32 39 15

    Technical Info
    - Attention: Thomson One database can only be accessed using Internet Explorer ( in IE10 , select Compatibility View )
    - To allow downloads, go to Tools -> Internet Options -> Privacy -> clear the Turn on Pop-up Blocker  check box, and then select OK.
    - Enter the name of a company in the search field and click "Ok" ; in the " Company Views " tab, select "Research"

    On-site consultation only: to log in to Thomson One, please use this link: and ask for the login codes at the research help desk .

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