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Databases (Businesses: news, reports and profiles)

  • Business Source Complete

    - EBSCO

    Academic articles in Management Science

    - Articles from 3800 academic journals in full text, including 100 French journals (based on "Sales and Management").
    - 1400 Country Studies : Direct access
    - 5000 Studies of industries: Direct access
    - 18,000 company profiles : Direct access
    - 2500 SWOT analysis of companies : Direct access

    Subject areas;
    Management, marketing, economics, finance, accounting, international business.

    Technical Info
    Access to mobile site
    Tutorials and video support

    On-site and remote

    Other Information
    Access all of the EBSCO databases subscribed to by the HEC Paris Library

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  • C
  • Capital IQ’s People Intelligence

    - Standard & Poor’s

    Profiles and salaries of managers worldwide

    Contents - 4.5 million professionals and more than 2.4 million people, including executives, members of boards of directors, investors worldwide. - Profiles for each professional, containing : contact information, biography, its functions, pay, boards on which he serves. - More than 40 different types of remuneration: salaries, bonuses, benefits, stock options, etc.. 
    Coverage - Details of remuneration: from 2002 - Summaries of remuneration: from 1998 - Profiles: from 1998 

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  • E
  • ExecuComp

    - Sandard and Poor’s

    Remuneration of U.S. company executives 

    - Remuneration of executive salaries, bonuses, stock options, bonuses, pensions and other remuneration. 
    - Data of annual procurement of companies
     2,872 active and inactive U.S. companies

    From 1992

    Requires prior registration to the WRDS website, which must then be validated by the library (reserved for professors, PhD students, specialized masters and M2 students)
    The database is available in the Compustat Capital IQ dataset

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  • F
  • Factiva

    - Dow Jones

    French and foreign news articles

    Full text articles from 35 000 titles of French and foreign press, from 200 countries and 28 languages​​. 
    For examples: Les Echos, the New York Times, The Wall Street Journal 

    Reports of listed companies: Direct access 

    Technical Info :
    Warning : Only 10 simultaneous connections allowed at one time. (You can also try another press and news resource, such as Europresse)

    Research Assistance :

    Use the word AND between each search term
    For example: "outsourcing AND logistics"

    User guide

    On-site and remote

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  • Financial Times

    - The Financial Times Ltd

    Daily Economic Information 

    Full text : from 2004, edition of the day included
    Bonus content : specialized blogs , market data , videos and podcasts
    Ranking of business schools


    • mobile access ( app iPad, iPhone or Android)
    • service creating custom alerts
    • a " ePaper " ( digital replica of the printed editions of the newspaper 5 : UK, Europe , USA, Asia , Middle East )
    • the " FT Newslines " , an integrated annotation tool , created exclusively for the academic community allowing teachers to integrate sections of FT in their teaching , comment and share their annotations with their students or other community
    • Clipping service for " pinning " an article to save in their personal and / or space to share
    • FT Lexicon, a specialized glossary referencing thousands of terms and phrases
    • Case Studies of actual case studies of companies on the reasons for their success or their failure
    • Special Reports, an important source of archives of regional and sectoral analysis

    Technical Info
    1.Clic on this link to create your personal account
    2. Enter your HEC credentials 
    3. On the form, clic on "Ask me again if information to be provided to this service changes " or "Ask me at next login "

    On the FT webpage, clic on "Continue to FT" 

    You will receive a confirmation mail from the FT on your mailbox and will be able to access all the FT articles.

    Every 90 days, a request will be sent to reactivate your account.
    * clic on this link and enter your HEC credentials
    * on the FT page, select "Yes, I already have an account"
    * enter your FT password 

    On site and remotely

    To access this service, FT asks you to enter data whose use is explained in their privacy policy.
    When you no longer have access to this service, in order for the FT data to be deleted, you must contact by requesting the deletion of your data or go to "Contact Us" on their website .

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  • I
  • Infront Analytics (formely Infinancials)

    - Infront Analytics

    On-site access only

    Financial data on 80,000 listed companies in the world

    - Financial information on more than 80,000 listed companies - including small and mid caps - in more than 150 countries. - Customizable peer groups. - Works with Excel add-in, which facilitates the creation of analytical models 

    10 years of history, 3-year forecasts 

    Only available on the HEC Paris and Business Learning Center networks

    • When you first connect, create your personal account by entering your email and checking the "I'm a new user" box
    • For subsequent logins, enter your email and password 
    • The Excel add-in is installed on all the computers in the library and in the Business Learning Center. To use it, open Excel and click the "Add-Ins" tab and then under "infinancials" tab

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  • M
  • Marketline

    - Marketline

    Market research, company profiles, country studies and financial transactions

    - 6702 Market Studies
    - 103,395 company profiles and SWOT analysis
    - 110 country profiles
    - 72 city profiles
    - 465 case studies
    - 411,306 financial transactions

    On-site and remote

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  • P
  • Passport Euromonitor

    - Euromonitor International

    Market research on consumer goods in the world


    - Qualitative Data and statistics for 27 industries

    - focussing on consumer goods in rapid growth
     - covering 80 countries ("Industries" tab)
    - Country information and consumer trends for 210 countries ("countries and Consumers" tab)
    - Company profiles, SWOT analysis, brand strategy, prospects and market shares. The tool "Competitors Analysis" help you find the firm's competitors.
     - Ability to create alerts on a sector by creating an account
    - Dashboard: displays the data on a world map
    - The data is produced by the publisher, from official statistical sources cited 

    On-site and remote

    Guide de recherche passport.pdf
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  • S
  • Statista

    - Statista Inc.

    Market data and international statistics

    - More than 1,000,000 statistics focusing on industries, markets, consumers, trends and insights downloadable in all popular formats, including PowerPoint, Excel, PDF and PNG.
    - Over 18,000 reliable public and scientific sources.
    - Data on 80,000 topics covering Europe - with a focus on the United Kingdom - the United States and China.
    - More than 20,000 Studies, over 3,000 Dossiers and all major Industry Reports.
    - Detailed forecasts on companies or for more than 450 different industries or for 40 advanced economies and developing countries;

    On-site and remote

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  • T
  • Thomson Eikon

    - Thomson Reuters

    On-site access only

    Financial information in real time on financial markets around the world

    Real time financial information on worldwide financial markets.
    Business data ( Worldscope )

    • Covers more than 75,000 listed companies, active and inactive , in 119 countries . Information available from 1980.

    Market data

    • Stocks, bonds , derivatives, commodities, currencies .
    • Securities transactions

    Country reports , country indicators , ratings and news
    Equity indices , bond indices and index composition

    • 280000 Indexes
    • Global indices of MSCI, FTSE , S & P , DOW JONES STOXX and HSBC

    Forecasts (I/B/E/S)

    • 22,000 companies in 80 countries

    Investment funds ( Lipper )

    • Includes mutual funds , closed-end funds, ETFs, hedge funds , pension funds

    Islamic Finance
    Some data are available from 1980.

    Tutorials available on this plateform.

    Access :

    • Access to this database is on the computers in the StockMarkets space of the library
    • from the Trading Floor (Room T306)
    • from the Room S113 (S Building)
    • Launch Thomson Eikon on the desktop using the corresponding icon
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  • Thomson One – Company Analysis (use Internet Explorer)

    - Thomson Reuters

    Financial information on listed companies in the world

    Contents :
    Financial data on nearly 70,000 listed companies worldwide

    - Corporate Accounts : 70,000 listed companies, active and inactive, worldwide.
    - Data frames
    - Share prices
    - Comparative Reports : Key financial data of competitors or peers in a given society.
    - Indices and realtime over 130,000 quotations , covering 130 exchanges in 25 developed countries.
    - Financial Reports : 19 million documents, 60,000 companies
    - 40,000 equity indices in the world, including S & P , MSCI , Datastream, FTSE and Dow Jones.
    - Price of shares ( common and preferred )- News of markets and companies- Key Economic Indicators ( Datastream )

    Estimates : 5 years of daily data
    Financial data from 1980

    Technical Info
    - Attention : Thomson One database can only be accessed via Internet Explorer ( in IE10 , select Compatibility View )
    - To allow downloads, go to Tools -> Internet Options -> Privacy -> clear the Turn on Pop-up Blocker  check box, and then select OK.

    Thomson Reuters Technical Support
    - Contact Form - 01 53 32 39 15 

    Access :
    On-site and remote

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  • Thomson One – Corporate Insight (use Internet Explorer)

    - Thomson Reuters

    On-site access only

    Brokers reports

    - 19 million documents, 60,000 companies ( financial reports, prospectuses etc.).
    - Reports from brokers, financial institutions and professional associations
    - Several hundreds of industries around the world are analyzed.

    - Financial reports and other documents from business: 10 years
    - Extel cards: 15 years

    Thomson Reuters Technical Support
    - Contact Form - 01 53 32 39 15

    Technical Info
    - Attention: Thomson One database can only be accessed using Internet Explorer ( in IE10 , select Compatibility View )
    - To allow downloads, go to Tools -> Internet Options -> Privacy -> clear the Turn on Pop-up Blocker  check box, and then select OK.
    - Enter the name of a company in the search field and click "Ok" ; in the " Company Views " tab, select "Research"

    On-site consultation only: to log in to Thomson One, please use this link: and ask for the login codes at the research help desk .

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  • X
  • Xerfi Knowledge

    - Xerfi group

    Market Studies from France and the rest of the world

    400 studies on business sectors in France
    - 50 studies of listed companies
    - 100 sectoral studies at the international level

    Technical Info
    Studies can not be printed

    Miscellaneous Info
    Xerfi video channel : Xerfi Canal

    On-site and remote

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