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Databases (Financial Data)

  • CRSP US Mutual Fund

    - Center for Research in Security Prices

    Access reserved for professors, PhD students, MBA, MSc and M2students

    Performance of open-ended mutual funds (investment funds with variable capital)

    - Information on the performance of open-ended mutual funds using survivor-bias-free  data. 
    - 39 000 funds (26 000 active, 13000 inactive) 

    • Daily / monthly liquidation figures
    • Investment styles and objectives 
    • Asset Allocation 
    • Portfolio Composition 
    • Fee Structure 
    • Profitability 

    From 1962

    Requires prior registration from the WRDS website, which must then be validated by the library
    Access to this platform is reserved for professors, PhD students, specialized masters and M2 (major) students at HEC Paris

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  • D
  • Datastream

    - Thomson Reuters

    On-site access only

    Data on listed companies and financial markets around the world

    - Data on companies and financial markets around the world
    - Macroeconomic indicators and time series

    Business data ( Worldscope )

    • 75,000 listed companies, active and inactive, in 119 countries. Information available from 1980.
    • Commercial / industrial companies and banks

    Market Data

    • Stocks, bonds, derivatives, commodities
    • Securities transactions

    Bond rating

    • Historical and current ratings from S & P
    • Current ratings by Fitch , Moody's and DBRS

    Data on socially responsible investment ( ASSET4 ESG )

    • Covers over 4,000 international companies

    Macroeconomic indicators and forecasts by international institutions
    Equity indices , bond indices and index composition

    • 280000 Indices
    • Global indices of MSCI, FTSE , S & P , DOW JONES STOXX and HSBC

    Financial forecasts (I / B / E / S)

    • 22,000 companies in 80 countries

    Data on investment funds

    • Mutual funds, closed-end funds, ETFs ( Exchange Traded Funds) , Hedge funds, pension funds ( pension funds)

    Details on a base by base basis


    • Installed on the workstations of the Stock Markets section and on the computers in the room S.113
    • Click on the Thomson Reuters tab in Excel and sign in, then click on the Thomson Reuters Datastream tab.
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