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Databases (Financial Data)

  • Capital IQ’s Capital structure

    - Standard & Poor’s

    Structure of the debt and equity of companies worldwide

    - Structure of debt for over 60,000 global listed and unlisted companies.
    - Information on debt instruments that make up the category, priority level, amount outstanding, interest rates, convertibility, currency and maturity.

    Also provides these data in aggregate form for each company.
    - Structure of equity for more than 80,000 active and inactive companies worldwide.

    Provides in particular for each title, category, face value, convertibility, the amount outstanding, the allowed amount and the rights attached.

    Debt: from 2001
    Equity: from 1994

    Requires prior registration from the WRDS website, which must then be validated by the library. Access to this platform is reserved for professors, PhD students, specialized masters and M2 (major) students at HEC Paris

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  • Capital IQ’s People Intelligence

    - Standard & Poor’s

    Profiles and salaries of managers worldwide

    Contents - 4.5 million professionals and more than 2.4 million people, including executives, members of boards of directors, investors worldwide. - Profiles for each professional, containing : contact information, biography, its functions, pay, boards on which he serves. - More than 40 different types of remuneration: salaries, bonuses, benefits, stock options, etc.. 
    Coverage - Details of remuneration: from 2002 - Summaries of remuneration: from 1998 - Profiles: from 1998 

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  • Compustat Global Data

    - Standard & Poor’s

    On-site access only

    Financial information on listed companies in the world (excluding North America) and capital markets

    - Data on companies and capital markets , including the historical daily and monthly prices, dividends and securities transactions.

    - Company details :

    • Covers 74,000 active and inactive companies located in 112 countries outside of North America (1200 French companies and German companies in 1300 ) .
    • Commercial / industrial companies and banks
    • Full history , including: income statements , balance sheets, and market data

    - Share data : capital market prices (monthly data) , dividends, share prices, issued capital, earnings per share :

    • 88,000 securities transactions
    • Price History for 90 local markets

    - Information exchange with equivalence tables for 110 currencies
    - 90% of the Asian market (95 % of the Taiwanese market )
    - 94% of the European market

    - Accounts: annual data from 1950; quarterly data from 1962
    - Share data : daily and monthly data from 1962

    - On site only: installed on the second computer on the right of the "Stock Markets" space at the Jouy-en-Josas campus library.
    - Click the Insight Research  icon 
    - Compustat Global - use via Research Insight Guide
    - Compustat detailed functions
    - Compustat North America and Global - User Guide ( by Professor Hervé Stolowy )
    - Compustat - Getting started

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  • Compustat North America

    - Standard & Poor’s

    Financial information on listed companies and capital markets in North America 

    Data on companies and capital markets , including the historical daily and monthly prices, dividends and securities transactions .
    Business data

    • Covers the active or inactive companies listed on the North American market (USA and Canada)
    • Specific indicators on the  air traffic , housing , gaming , construction , health , energy , mining or semiconductors areas.
    • Commercial / industrial companies and banks
    • Data on pension plans, data by department

    Market data

    • Share price , dividends and profits for about 70,000 companies listed on the NYSE , AMEX , TSE and other exchanges in North America .
    • Securities transactions

    Index data , and composition coursesRatings

    • The Ratings module for data access to ratings from S & P S & P Domestic Long Term Issuer Credit Rating, S & P Subordinated Debt Rating, S & P Domestic Short Term Issuer Credit Ratings (ratings available to more than 20,000 institutions and more than 207,000 financial instruments in 2006)

    Accounts: annual data from 1950; quarterly data from 1961- Industry Data and pensions : from 1973- Data by department: annual data from 1976- Share data : daily data from 1983; monthly from 1962


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  • D
  • Diane

    - Bureau Van Dijk

    Accounts and balance sheets of French companies


    Annual accounts of more than 1.4 million French companies listed and unlisted. 

    • General descriptive information (signs, activity, form, status and legal status)
    • Financial data (balance sheets, income statements and annexes) over 10 years
    • IFRS consolidated financial statements and stock prices
    • Financial soundness indicators (scores, ratings, probability of failure, ...)
    • Statutory managers
    • Banks and auditors
    • Capital structure (detail of shareholders and shareholdings)
    • News about the company and its markets
    • Rumors and M & A transactions
    • Access to official documents (annual reports digitized acts & statutes) and legal notices

    Coverage : 10 years

    Access : On-site and remote

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  • E
  • ExecuComp

    - Sandard and Poor’s

    Remuneration of U.S. company executives 

    - Remuneration of executive salaries, bonuses, stock options, bonuses, pensions and other remuneration. 
    - Data of annual procurement of companies
     2,872 active and inactive U.S. companies

    From 1992

    Requires prior registration to the WRDS website, which must then be validated by the library (reserved for professors, PhD students, specialized masters and M2 students)
    The database is available in the Compustat Capital IQ dataset

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  • I
  • Infront Analytics (formely Infinancials)

    - Infront Analytics

    On-site access only

    Financial data on 80,000 listed companies in the world

    - Financial information on more than 80,000 listed companies - including small and mid caps - in more than 150 countries. - Customizable peer groups. - Works with Excel add-in, which facilitates the creation of analytical models 

    10 years of history, 3-year forecasts 

    Only available on the HEC Paris and Business Learning Center networks

    • When you first connect, create your personal account by entering your email and checking the "I'm a new user" box
    • For subsequent logins, enter your email and password 
    • The Excel add-in is installed on all the computers in the library and in the Business Learning Center. To use it, open Excel and click the "Add-Ins" tab and then under "infinancials" tab

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  • O
  • Orbis

    - Bureau van Dijk

    Accounts information for 120 million companies worldwide

    Accounts of more than 120 million international companies with 65,000 listed.

    • Detailed financial statements in a standardized format to facilitate comparisons, but also as filed by companies in the national register 
    • Financial Soundness Indicators 
    • Economic Reports Economist Intelligence Unit 
    • Directors and their contact 
    • Digitized reports 
    • Market information for listed companies 
    • Detailed ownership 
    • Market Research 
    • News and articles 
    • M & A transactions and market rumors

    10 years 

    On-site and remote

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  • Orbis Bank Focus (formerly Bankscope)

    - Bureau Van Dijk

    Accounts information for 30,000 banks and financial institutions worldwide

    Detailed accounts of 0000 30 banks and public and private financial institutions in the world:

    • Detailed financial data presented in particular under the universal format for cross-border comparisons
    • Ratios
    • Intermediate results
    • Ratings and reports Fitch, Moody's, Standard & Poor's and Capital Intelligence
    • Reports on country risk and public finances
    • Market information for listed institutions
    • Directors and their contact
    • Annual reports digitized
    • detailed ownership
    • Economic Reports Economist Intelligence Unit;
    • News and articles
    • M&A transactions and market rumors

    16 years

    On-site and remote

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  • T
  • Thomson One – Company Analysis (use Internet Explorer)

    - Thomson Reuters

    Financial information on listed companies in the world

    Contents :
    Financial data on nearly 70,000 listed companies worldwide

    - Corporate Accounts : 70,000 listed companies, active and inactive, worldwide.
    - Data frames
    - Share prices
    - Comparative Reports : Key financial data of competitors or peers in a given society.
    - Indices and realtime over 130,000 quotations , covering 130 exchanges in 25 developed countries.
    - Financial Reports : 19 million documents, 60,000 companies
    - 40,000 equity indices in the world, including S & P , MSCI , Datastream, FTSE and Dow Jones.
    - Price of shares ( common and preferred )- News of markets and companies- Key Economic Indicators ( Datastream )

    Estimates : 5 years of daily data
    Financial data from 1980

    Technical Info
    - Attention : Thomson One database can only be accessed via Internet Explorer ( in IE10 , select Compatibility View )
    - To allow downloads, go to Tools -> Internet Options -> Privacy -> clear the Turn on Pop-up Blocker  check box, and then select OK.

    Thomson Reuters Technical Support
    - Contact Form - 01 53 32 39 15 

    Access :
    On-site and remote

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