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Databases (Financial Data)

  • Orbis

    - Bureau van Dijk

    Accounts information for 120 million companies worldwide

    Accounts of more than 120 million international companies with 65,000 listed.

    • Detailed financial statements in a standardized format to facilitate comparisons, but also as filed by companies in the national register 
    • Financial Soundness Indicators 
    • Economic Reports Economist Intelligence Unit 
    • Directors and their contact 
    • Digitized reports 
    • Market information for listed companies 
    • Detailed ownership 
    • Market Research 
    • News and articles 
    • M & A transactions and market rumors

    10 years 

    On-site and remote

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  • Orbis Bank Focus (formerly Bankscope)

    - Bureau Van Dijk

    Accounts information for 30,000 banks and financial institutions worldwide

    Detailed accounts of 0000 30 banks and public and private financial institutions in the world:

    • Detailed financial data presented in particular under the universal format for cross-border comparisons
    • Ratios
    • Intermediate results
    • Ratings and reports Fitch, Moody's, Standard & Poor's and Capital Intelligence
    • Reports on country risk and public finances
    • Market information for listed institutions
    • Directors and their contact
    • Annual reports digitized
    • detailed ownership
    • Economic Reports Economist Intelligence Unit;
    • News and articles
    • M&A transactions and market rumors

    16 years

    On-site and remote

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