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    - Lamy

    Official documentation of French and European Legislation 

    Doctrines, magazines , forms, official funds , state aid

    Subject areas
    Labor law, tax law, civil law , criminal law and procedure , business law , law of the intangible , real estate , local authorities and associations, environment and product regulation , transport and specialized duties.
    Official resources :

    • Jurisprudence française et européenne Conseil constitutionnel from 1958
    • Tribunal des conflits from 1964
    • Conseil d’Etat from 1984
    • Cour d’Appel from 1982
    • Cour de Justice des Communautés Européennes from 1954
    • Cour Européenne des Droits de l’Homme from 1960 etc…)
    • Autorités administratives (CNIL from 1979,  AMF from 1989, CSA from 1989 etct…)
    • Modes alternatifs de règlement des conflits (Association pour le Nommage Internet en Coopération (FNIC) from 2011
    • Législation et règlementation françaises JO from 1955
    • 86 Codes, (variable selon les codes)
    • Bulletin des conventions collectives, (variable)
    • Réponses ministérielles from 1970
    • Bulletins Officiels (variable)
    • Textes communautaires et internationaux JO de l’Union Européenne from 1952
    • Traités et accords from 1539
    • Conventions fiscales et internationales from 1936

    Lamy funds and connections

    • 70 books in the fields of labor law, tax law, civil law , criminal law and procedure , business law , law of immaterial property law , local authorities and associations, environment and product regulation , transport and specialized duties.
    • 20 journal titles including Lamy ( Business Law and Competition Law ) , Quality Option , Cahiers du HRD, Environmental Law Bulletin, etc ...

    On-site and remote

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  • Legifrance

    - French Government

    Site for public broadcasting of French law

    Contents - Official Journal - Collective Agreements - Decisions of the Courts and Tribunals - Decisions of the National Commission on Informatics and Liberties (CNIL) - Standards issued by the European institutions - International Treaties and Agreements - French Constitution - Current version and earlier legislative and regulatory texts 
    Information regarding the update of content 
    Online Help / Research Guide 
    Access Site free access

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  • Lexis360 (Jurisclasseur)

    - LexisNexis

    French law

    Jurisprudence and legislation of French law. Legal information.

    • 86 official codes , 42000 laws and consolidated regulations, European regulations and 600 consolidated directives 
    • 2,000,000 judicial decisions (judgments made ​​available by the Supreme Court , courts of appeal , the State Council , the Court of Justice of the European Union, the General Court , the European Court of law of the man etc
    • Constitutional Council judgements since 1958
    • The Official Gazette, Acts and Decrees
    • European Source of Treaties , Law ( Official Journal of the European Union ) , Law
    • Encyclopedias : More than 60 collections , nearly 360 volumes JurisClasseur
    • 28 journals, 5 editions of The Legal Week ( JCPG , JCPE , JCPA , JCPS  )
    • Official Bulletins
    • 330 Collective Agreements
    • 180 references

    40 years of cases

    Official Journal
    From 1 January 1990: order , laws, decrees , orders, circulars , personal actions , decisions and deliberations from institutions or courtsFrom 1 January 2002, notices and communications

    Video tutorials / Online Help

    Technical infos

    You have to create a LexisNexis account to access to this database:

    • Click on "Se connecter"
    • Click on "Créer un profil maintenant"
    • Follow the procedure. Use your HEC mail address.

    If you already create an account:

    • Click on "Se connecter"
    • Enter your HEC mail address and your password.

    On-site and remote

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  • Luxury Goods - Passport

    - Euromonitor International

    Market studies on the worldwide luxury industry

    Contents - Qualitative Data and statistics on the luxury industry in 32 countries worldwide. - Analyses of markets, prospects, key figures, company profiles with SWOT analysis. - Ability to create alerts on a sector by creating an account - Function Dashboard: View data on a world map - The data is produced by the publisher from official statistical sources cited 
    Coverage From 2004.
    5 year forecasts
    Access: - Via the "Industries" tab of the Passport data base. - On campus and external

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