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Databases (Financial Data)

  • Datastream

    - Thomson Reuters

    On-site access only

    Data on listed companies and financial markets around the world

    - Data on companies and financial markets around the world
    - Macroeconomic indicators and time series

    Business data ( Worldscope )

    • 75,000 listed companies, active and inactive, in 119 countries. Information available from 1980.
    • Commercial / industrial companies and banks

    Market Data

    • Stocks, bonds, derivatives, commodities
    • Securities transactions

    Bond rating

    • Historical and current ratings from S & P
    • Current ratings by Fitch , Moody's and DBRS

    Data on socially responsible investment ( ASSET4 ESG )

    • Covers over 4,000 international companies

    Macroeconomic indicators and forecasts by international institutions
    Equity indices , bond indices and index composition

    • 280000 Indices
    • Global indices of MSCI, FTSE , S & P , DOW JONES STOXX and HSBC

    Financial forecasts (I / B / E / S)

    • 22,000 companies in 80 countries

    Data on investment funds

    • Mutual funds, closed-end funds, ETFs ( Exchange Traded Funds) , Hedge funds, pension funds ( pension funds)

    Details on a base by base basis


    • Installed on the workstations of the Stock Markets section and on the computers in the room S.113
    • Click on the Thomson Reuters tab in Excel and sign in, then click on the Thomson Reuters Datastream tab.
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