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Remote access

From the HEC network

All computers connected to the campus and Porte de Champerret network as well as devices connected to one of the three WIFI networks (eduroam WIFI-HEC, HEC-GUEST) can access the library's electronic resources without authentication,

with the exception of certain databases which are only available on the library computers or require a specific authentication, such as the financial databases.

Who has access?

Remote access to these resources is reserved for internal HEC Paris library users, as well as external users who have a library subscription.

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Off-campus access

Remote access does not require a special procedure or authentification.  

Simply connect to the library portal and select the resource of your choice

Enter your username (S12345 format for students and participants, surname for faculty and HEC staff) and passwords, when asked

Note: Some databases require you to accept a security certificate when you first login.

The certificate issued by HEC is perfectly safe and does not pose any risk.

Who has access?

Remote access to these resources is reserved for internal HEC Paris library users (students, teachers and employees of HEC Paris).

External readers and library members do not have remote access to the electronic library resources.

Terms of use for electronic resources

Usernames and passwords distributed by HEC are strictly personal and should under no circumstances be disclosed.

Databases are available for strictly educational or professional purposes, and only for  professors / researchers, students or employees of HEC Paris.

All users are responsible for the use of these resources and are committed to maintaining fair usage.

Misuse will result in the temporary or permanent suspension of remote access to library resources.

In case of any problems

Contact the library via (+33) (0) 1 39 67 94 78 or

Outside library opening hours, IT support is also available ; Contact 01 39 67 72 00