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October 5th : Take the Library Challenge

How to play

A company is about to create a patent for a new innovation. Your goal is to get hold of the innovation before it gets its patent.

In order to do this you – a team of 2 people minimum - must complete 4 challenges, after each of which you will get a clue.

Once you have all 4 clues you will be able to discover the new innovation which you must write on an individual answer sheet. You can play the games in any order.

The winners

All those who complete the whole challenge and find the innovation will be entered in a prize draw. You can win an IPad, a Samsung tablet or a book voucher!


A 5th clue can be given to you if you have taken part in all 4 challenges. Ask for it at the reception.

Extra life

If you fail to complete a challenge but there is time remaining you can choose to replay one of the challenges.

Good luck and have fun !

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