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International consulting Fair 2018 - Boost your interviews

In occasion of the International Consulting Forum on October 17, the library has prepared a selection of various documentary resources which will prove useful in preparation for your enquiries.

Essential books available in the library in our Careers Section via the Catalogue

  • Demystify the consulting case interview with dozens of strategy cases - Case in point : complete case interview preparation. Marc Cosentino. Burgee Press, 2018
case in point

  • Enquête sur l’univers de quatre cabinets de conseil et d’audit : les “Big Four” - Au coeur des cabinets d’audit et de conseil. Sébastien Strenger. Presses Universitaires de France, 2017

  • Techniques to enhance your poise, build your confidence in structuring your approach - The case interview. Destin Whitehurst. Tycho Press, 2016
the case interview

  • Préparez-vous à l’épreuve d’étude de cas des entretiens dans les cabinets de conseil - Réussir les entretiens dans les cabinets de conseil. Victor Haim Mamou. Eyrolles, 2016
réussir les interviews

  • 80 conseils, petits secrets et mode de fonctionnement des recruteurs en cabinets de conseil - Déjouez les pièges des recruteurs. Christel de Foucault. Eyrolles, 2016

  • How to master the score skills you need for conquering the toughest interview of your career - Crack the case system: how to conquer your case interview. David Ohrvall. Ohrvall media, 2015

  • A former McKinsey interviewer reveals how to get multiple job offers in consulting - Case interview secrets. Victor CHENG. Innovation Press, 2012

  • Valuable advice on how to ace the case interview - Mastering the case interview: The complete guide to consulting, marketing, and management interviews. Alexander Chernev. Brightstar Media, 2012

Students’s memoirs available in full unabridged form

In order to access memoirs, go to the online library catalogue, select “Company“ in the drop-down menu, type the name of the company you’re searching for and select “Thesis/Dissertations” in Document type.

A database specialised in careers and recruitment

  • Vault Career Intelligence provides access to Vault guides in full unabidged form, articles rich in advice regarding the pursuit of your career, profiles of companies and analyses of particular career sectors.

A press database to research recent articles on the field of consultancy and the companies present at the Forum

  • Factiva is an online database of international current affairs which provides access to more than 10,000 sources. Access critical business information quickly to maximise efficiency and drive your business forward.

Databases on companies to obtain financial data and reports from brokers

  • Orbis provides access to detailed accounts of more than 80 million listed and unlisted companies across the world.

  • Thomson One - Corporate Insight (Thomson Research) is a database providing access to reports from brokers, financial institutions and professional associations on the accounts of 60,000 listed companies over 20 years.(Please note : this database is only accessible at the Library)

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