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Purchase suggestion

How does it work?

  • Before requesting a purchase, make sure to check the Library Catalog : it may already be available
  • If you can’t find the required text, you can make a request by filling in the online form
  • If your request is accepted, you will be contacted by email only once the text is available at the library
  • If your request is refused, you will receive an explanatory email from the library
  • Once the text becomes available, it will be put aside for you at the reception desk for 3 days. After this, it will be shelved with the other books and available for all to borrow

For more information

  • Requests for management purchases: Audrey Sarian on 01 39 67 95 38
  • Requests for general literature purchases: Sylvie Marion on 01 39 67 73 36
  • Requests for subscriptions to reviews: Béatrice Leroy on 01 39 67 73 34