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Interlibrary loan

The Interlibrary Loan service (ILL) enables a network of libraries to make or receive requests for documents, either reproductions or originals.

Before applying, please check if the document is available in the HEC Paris Library Catalog Flora or in the Databases

Who is the ILL for?

This service is available free of charge within HEC for:

  • Professors
  • PHD Students
  • Students
  • All the Above at Universities of the Paris-Saclay Network

This service is also available to universities and external libraries (see our conditions and tariffs) 

How to Order?

The public of HEC as well as external readers must submit their ILL application using the form below:

Loan conditions and tariffs:


Payment is possible in Euros or through IFLA vouchers

Tariffs for the year 2017-2018


Students/ Researchers/ Professors…

External French Organizations

External European Organizations

Book Loan



IFLA voucher (see table below)

Request for Articles


0.60 Euros/Page

IFLA voucher (see table below)

Regulation for IFLA Vouchers

Copy of Articles

1st set of 0 – 15 pages


All other supplementary sets of 0 – 15 pages

0.5 IFLA

Book Loan

1 book (sent to France or Europe)

1 IFLA/book

Ordering and Consultation

HEC Audience:

  • Loan durations are set by the lending libraries, and they areusually granted for 1 month and can be renewed upon request (subject to theagreement of the lending institution)
  • Waiting times are estimated between 5 and 10 days
  • The conditions of access to documents and waiting times varyfrom one library to another; some documents may only be made available on-siteat the HEC library
  • Readers will be notified by email of the availability oftheir document(s)

External Audience:

  • Loan terms are fixed at 1-month renewable conditionally andupon request
  • Applications are issued via the online form or through Sudoc
  • Theses and dissertations are excluded from PEB

Contact: Fabienne SEDNEFF


Tel: 01 39 67 96 22